Ring Solar Panel Power Battery Maintainer/Trickle Charger – 2.4W Output


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The Ring Solar Power Battery Maintainer/Trickle Charger range enables batteries which may not have regular use to be trickle charged or maintained to ensure easier starting. The Battery maintainer is easy to fit as it simply plugs into the vehicles 12 V power socket or attaches directly to the battery terminals with clips. Each trickle charger in the range is equipped with a 2.7 metre cable to ensure the solar panels can be mounted in the best location and also feature suction cups to mount to windscreen etc. Three output types are available, either 1.5, 2.4 or 4.8 depending on the battery type.1.5w - Suits batteries up to 50Ah2.4w - Suits batteries up to 100AhPlease note, the Battery Maintainer range is designed to maintain battery condition rather than recharge discharged batteries.

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