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1979 VW Iltis Type 183

From the seller: “RARE 4×4 from Volkswagen. Land Rover’s competitior and arguably better and much more comfortable in their day.
THIS IS NOT A VW TREKKER OR VW 181 THING. This is watercooled VW/Audi which came after the VW 181 nd before the Mercedes G Wagen.

I searched for 16 months to find this example with such a good body on it and never welded etc. Matching numbers running, driving registered vehicle.

Race history to these models and part of the Quattro story! (Civilian model evocation – 300 of those made. This one can easily be made to appear like the Dakar Iltis from 1980 or be put back to military spec.) 1 of approx 9000 VW versions built. (this car would have been a sister car to those coming off the production line to become the 1980 Dakar Rally vehicles.

Parts are plentiful, as they were used in the military.
Designed and built by VAG’s Audi team. Built at Ingolstadt, politically badged as a VW.
Designed by Walter Treser, Jorg Bensinger, Roland Gumpert for Ferdinand Piech at VAG.
Direct ancestor of the Audi Quattro
1980 Paris Dakar Rally winning model (different carb set up!) for Roland Gumpert’s team before he went on to lead the newly formed Audi Sport. Gumpert used an Iltis as his personal transport for Group B rallies in South America with Audi Sport.

1714cc VW 4cyl. Petrol. Water-cooled (Audi 80, Golf also used this) 5 speed manual including ‘Gelander’ gear.
Selectable 4wd with a diff lock.
Specification includes rare items to bring to spec of the 300 civilian models built.

Perfect for simple returning to military spec or historic Dakar rally replica… just requires black body paint (all of VWs 5 Dakar VW Iltis entrants were military spec from production line). Roland Gumpert used his former Dakar Iltis as a support vehicle for Audi Sport on some Group B rallies.”

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