1982 Ford Granada 2.8 Injection Sport for sale

From the seller: “Thanks for looking at my very rare 2.8 injection Granada.

I’m still not sure I’m doing the right thing by listing this but it doesn’t get used and I’m getting fed up of moving it in and out of my garage everyday! So hopefully someone else will appreciate it as much as I do and actually get some use out of it? I brought it a couple of years ago from a guy who had stored it for over 20yrs in a clean and dry garage, he started the restoration by renewing the front wings, front panel and rear wheel arches, all done to an excellent standard. When I got it the first thing I did was to remove the engine/ front subframe and send the car for a paint job. While the car was away the engine was stripped to pieces, checked and rebuilt with all new gaskets. Anything that looked worn was replaced and anything else was cleaned and painted. The front suspension/subframe was all shot blasted and Powdercoated and fitted with all new bushes and ball joints. The fuel system is all new including the metering head, injectors, pump and accumulator. The wheels have been powdercoated in as near to the factory colour I could get and also fitted with new tyres including the spare. In fact about the only thing I’ve not had to do on this car is the interior as it’s in fantastic condition, although it could do with a proper deep clean!! But it does show how genuine the 46k miles are. The paintwork looks great but could do with some perfecting in a couple of places where it’s sank I little but nothing that a cut back and buff up won’t sort. It passed its mot this month with no advises and it’s mot and taxed exempt next year! Just about everything is new on the drive line so it won’t need anything for many years anyway. There are a few things that I’ve not got around to doing including it could do with a proper engine tune, it starts drives and stops as it should but it’s running very lean according to its emissions test, this is the main reason I’ve not done many miles in it as I didn’t want to damage anything but I can’t find anyone local to me that’s willing to take the job on! For this reason if you live a distance away I would advice a recovery truck! There is a vibration between 60 and 70 that I believe to be the prop shaft out of balance, it drives fine below and above these speeds. The fuel gauge don’t work and it wants a proper clean! ”

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