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473BHP Honda Integra DC5 Type R Race / Track Car

From the seller: “Honda Integra DC5 track / race, prepared car. very capable car and a great deal of fun to drive too.

i have owned this for just over four years and developed it to where it is today, when I purchased it was pretty much a standard road car with a c30-74 rotrex supercharger fitted producing around 340bhp. a lot of the work has been carried out over the last year or so during lockdown periods so most things are fresh especially the engine which has just been fully rebuilt and the larger C38-81 rotrex supercharger fitted, run in and then had a full day on the dyno Tuesday 3/8/21 at rdt developments with great results of 473bhp and 335lb ft torque, will at rdt spent a lot of the day smoothing out the curve and it feels great on track. it has been built with time attack in mind for next year but it can be easily adapted to many race series or a seriously quick track day car.

You could take this on a trackday tomorrow everything is ready to go. as you will see from the spec list I have spent a small fortune over the years with no expense spared, using area motorsport for a lot of the work carried out especially gearbox and suspension setup work as they are the best in the business. while in my ownership it has always been stored in large dry heated unit and maintained to the highest standard and never been on the road.”

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