Retro Space Invaders Car Window Sticker

Following on from my recent 1980’s cassette car air freshener purchase, read my article here, I decided that I wanted to brighten up my cheap daily run-around.

What could be better than a Space Invader window sticker – right?

My first Space Invaders encounter was on my Aunt and Uncle’s Wood Veneer Atari 2600 in the early 1980’s.  The Space Invaders video game, created in Japan by Taito, was released in the 1970’s and took the world by storm.  It’s a simple yet highly addictive ‘fixed shooter’ game and I spent more time than I care to remember playing it.  The sticker kit includes the laser cannon, three aliens and the spaceship.  The iconic pixelated aliens are instantly recognisable and I’m really pleased at how the stickers turned out on my car.


The sticker kit cost £2.49 delivered and I felt the quality of the white gloss stickers was very good.

In terms of applying them, I did have to take my time and be a little dextrous when lifting the stickers from the backing paper, as the aliens are formed by pixels not all the images come away from the backing strip in one piece.  Therefore, you need to remove and stick on any remaining pixels afterwards separately to complete the whole image.

If, like myself, you want to add a simple, cheap and fun feature to your car then you can’t do much worse than grab yourself a set of these stickers.

The Space Invaders Window Sticker is available on eBay here