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1970 Ford Escort Mk1 1300 Deluxe Estate for sale

How about this for a survivor car? Many of the early Ford Escorts you see today are restored or rebuilt, but this one appears to have dodged that route and looks as authentic as it gets!

From the seller: “This car was registered to its one and only owner on 8th January 1970 and we have just purchased it from the family. Now this is a car that has been used. Looking at the underside it appears it has been coated with old engine oil or something (a great trait of the older generation). The chassis appears excellent, all spring hangers good, all floor pans good with the exception of the nearside front which has a fairly large area of rust (but easily weldable). The sills and floor (between outer sills and chassis) have had welding in the past and while it appears sound, its not the tidiest. Top plates under bonnet have been welded in past and look all sound. The drivers A post has had some pretty untidy work (not really sure if its bad primer applied or there is something underneath)”

For sale on eBay –> Click here