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1978 Rover P6 3500S V8 project

From the seller: “1978 Rover P6

I got this car as a non runner having been stored for some time in a barn.

I flushed the fuel tank out gave the carbs a quick clean out and checked the oil and water and turned her over, she coughed and spluttered with a very weak spark but wouldn’t start.

I then fitted new electronic ignition, plugs, leads, distributor cap, Coil and rotor arm and tried again and away she went all be a bit lumpy.

When running up to temperature two of the coolant hoses and the fuel pump started leaking. I then fitted a complete new hose set and overhauled the fuel pump with a complete rebuild kit. I run her up to temperature again to change the oil and balance and tune the carbs. I Managed to get the carbs almost balanced when the radiator started leaking.

I changed the oil and filter and that is as far as I have got with her.”

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