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1979 Lotus Esprit S2 – light project

What a find this 1979 Lotus Esprit S2 is and what a great write-up it has on eBay. Below is just a snippet – please read the entire listing!

From the seller: “he car really occupies ‘winter project’ territory rather than full resto, with the list of cosmetic issues thankfully short:

– The front lower spoiler lip will need a fibreglass kit repair – somebody’s obviously lost a fight with a speed bump at some point.
– The paint looks better in photographs in reality. You could at a pinch go down the route of touch ups and machine polishing to get by, but really it deserves wants a respray in the same colour.
– The black rear bumper is dull so will need a redo in black.
– One of the front side light lenses is cracked (they’re not hard to source)
– There’s a small (2cm or so) kink in the upper rear screen aluminium trim piece that can be removed and bent straight with pliers before polishing. And that’s about it I think…

The interior is very original and very cool in dark green and grey – everything’s present and correct and undamaged, no rips or tears or cracks. Just wants a good clean, as does the rear boot carpet area.

Mechanically, it’ll need a thorough servicing and going through from and to end to get all the MOT-type bits checked and operating as they should. When we had it running we didn’t drive it at all, so assume the brakes will need checking and servicing, though they’re free to roll the car with no problems. Chassis appear rust free, which is always a bonus.”

For sale on eBay –>