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Reliant Kitten Estate – Barn Find

It sounds like this poor little Reliant Kitten needs saving. She’s been neglected for far too long. What would you do; restoration, or some crazy motorbike implant?

From the seller: “Welcome to my auction for my little kitten, unfortunately I haven’t owned this car that long. I’ve always desperately wanted a kitten, but alas I now have one, I currently don’t have the time or space to keep and restore her to her former glory. This is also I personally think the cooler “estate” version.

I have been unable to attempt to get her running. The guy who dropped the car off for me said that the wheels were seized and has removed the shoes to allow the car to get pulled onto the trailer, he also mentioned that the rear leaf spring has snapped and he has strapped it in an attempt to stop the axle pulling out.
I wished I didn’t have to sell her, but there will be another in the future, I also find the plate amusing BLA.
This is a full restoration project! And does require a lot of work!  This car will not drive away and will require towing on to a transporter.”

For sale on eBay –>