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Instruction Book For Bedford Models RLH – Original 1953 Print – T.S No. 332


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These manuals came to us via an Army surplus auction and would make excellent collectables for any Fire Brigade collectors/enthusiasts. 

Instruction Book For Bedford Models RLH – Special Attendance & Fire Tender Chassis

Original August 1953 Print – T.S No. 332

(please note that we also have some later 1956 examples, which we’ll send if we run out of 1953 ones). If you want to check which ones we have left, feel free to drop us a line before ordering)

Despite the manuals having been in storage for decades they are in a pretty good condition.  The covers on some are a bit grubby, as the second example photographed shows, and staples tend to rust a bit. Bear in mind, they are nearly 70-years old! That said, our view is that this all just adds to their authenticity.  We’ll send out the best examples to those who order first!