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Spare Gun Barrel Holder – NSN 2590 99 2518 244 – Warrior / Challenger / CVRT


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Welcome to the MotoringDeals shop.  We specialise in old car parts and military stock bought via approved surplus MoD auctioneers.  All items are untested and sold as display items or for parts (unless otherwise stated).   

FOR SALE: British Army Gun Mount – NSN 2590 99 2518 244

We purchased a number of these, sold to us as gun mounts, but have no idea what vehicle they are for. Please feel free to tell us!

They are fairly heavy (steel?) and measure approximately 30cm. The diameter of the tube is approximately 2.5cm. The gap between the centres of the two mounting holes is approximately 10.5cm. There is a sprung lever on one end.

This from eBay member Stu:
Armoured fighting vehicle spare barrel holder for the 7.62mm chain gun.
The barrel gets that hot you change the barrel and put the hot one in
this holder whilst it cools. The spring loaded catch stops it dropping
in your lap cross country whilst cherry red hot. Also fitted
on Challenger 2 tanks and CVRT recce vehicles.”