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1951 Ford F2 V8 for sale

From the seller: “70 Year Old 1951 Ford F2

I have owned the truck now for just under 2 years and has been my daily driver too and from work for the last few months however I think now has come the time to move on and search for something else. The truck has a 3.9l Flathead V8 which is quite rare in these as most of them have the straight 6 engines because the V8 was an additional upgrade from factory. The truck still operates on a 6 volt battery.

The pickup comes with 4 gears including reverse, and one of which is a crawler gear with straight cut gears so effectively you’ll only be using two of the gears to drive it most of the time. I originally bought it because of the shark tooth front grill which I absolutely love, these grills were only made for the 1951 & 1952 models which makes it quite a rare feature.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here