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1966 Ford 105e Anglia Estate for sale

With its 1650cc engine, stage 3 head and fast road cam, we reckon this old Anglia Estate is no slouch. Looks beautiful, too. The seller has been honest and listed all the bits than need doing on the car, too, although none of it looks problematic…

From the seller: “Bad bits:

Interior needs a bit of work – front seats, headlining and carpet are all good but the rear seat could do with a new cover to match the fronts and the door cards could do with a freshen up.

Passenger side window channel needs some attention to secure it in place – currently comes a bit loose when the window opens (Will look at sorting this if I get time before it sells)

Tailgate could do with a stay being fitted – currently use a handy broom handle to keep it open.

Battery could do with a new stay adding – The one that’s there doesn’t fit the current battery.

Other than that it is a great little motor that drives really nice considering it’s age. There isn’t a heater but one could be fitted as they come up for sale fairly often and it just needs a bit of TLC and running on a regular basis. Been sat in a Lockup for the best part of a year with little use by the previous owner.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here