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1966 Ford Thunderbird V8 Auto for sale

A great looking car, one which you won’t see many of in the UK, and a great eBay listing. As well as the good point, quoted below, the seller lists the ares that could be improved. At the time of writing, hundreds of people were ‘watching’ this car – it would be the same if you drove it down the street!

From the seller: “I will start by saying, this car is no show pony, but it is a very usable, supercool classic American V8 whose value is only going in one direction.


Stock 390 V8 with auto transmission which sounds amazing.
Runs, drives, starts and stops, and is the most usable classic car I have ever owned. Doesn’t embarrass itself amongst modern traffic.
Auto transmission
Power steering
Swing-away steering wheel (so cool, google it if you haven’t seen this)
Electrically adjusted seats (all working & super comfy). The interior is better than my house and has lap belts all round
Tax and MOT Exempt
Imported in 2017 and V5 is all present and correct
A fair bit of history including the original bill of sale”

For sale on eBay –> Click here