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1957 Ford Panel Van / Suburban for sale

A cool looking van that has had glass fitted, for reasons stated below, that actually make it a more usable vehicle…

From the seller: “I have fixed it starting from the top, the vinyl came off, the filler was removed, the cardboard and chicken wire that was behind the filler was cut out and new steel was welded in.

We used minimal filler because I hate it. That means some repairs aren’t flat as glass but at least you know it’s all steel. It wasn’t a million dollar job and since 2018 a couple of bits look a little tired but very minor and I have plenty of paint to go with the truck.

The upper sides of the van were really badly pitted from where the vinyl had let water in and there was evidence of several previous porthole styles being cut in.
I decided that the best option was to cut out as much as we could and replace it with glass.
The side windows are a great addition. So much more light and so much easier to drive in the wrong side when you can see almost everywhere!”

For sale on eBay –> Click here