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1969 Ex-Police Panda Car Morris Minor for sale

Ahhhh, simpler times. It’s hard to imagine switching on the TV to watch Police Interceptors and seeing the Boys In Blue ragging a Morris Minor around….

From the seller: “It started life in 1969 and was belived to be posted to the South London area of the Metropolitan Police area where it was used a a panda /Unit beat car until the early 70’s. There are two or three other very similar registered ex-panda cars still in existence.

Following being sold by the Police it remained in the Cheltenham / Gloucester area of the country and i have a thick folder of history including every MOT from 1974. It appears that the Minor was used on a regular basis for many years being maintained / serviced / repairs as and when was needed. There is a receipt for a restoration 28 years ago plus lots of other interesting bills.

The Minor has been stored since 2008 and a further restoration was started during this period”

For sale on eBay –> Click here