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1973 Ford Cortina 1600L with just 35000 miles

Trade Classics advertise a lot of their cars on eBay, so they’re definitely one to add to your saved sellers. With this gorgeous Mk3 Ford Cortina, they’ve also uploaded a cold start video, which you can see below.

From the seller: “Putting the L in Luxury, the Cortina 1600L Mk3 offers ’70s good looks with great performance figures – the ideal family classic.

In the late ’60s, Ford set about developing the third-generation Cortina, which was designed to be produced in higher volumes than before. The cars body was inspired by the contemporary “coke bottle” design language which originated from Detroit. The pinto engine was a huge step technologically over its predecessor, because of the belt-driven camshaft.

In the showroom, the Cortina also continued Ford’s policy of offering something for everyone – with five model variations and a very wide variety of engine capacities. The 1.6L car offers a whopping 72BHP.”

More details on eBay –> Click here