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1973 Morris Marina 1800 SDL Saloon

If you’re looking to get into the retro car world, this 1973 Morris Marina 1800 SDL is well worth a few minutes of your time.

From the seller: “This Marina is a very usable car which can be driven and enjoyed every day while you improve it. It’s a 1. 8 B Series so it’s got more than enough power to mix with modern traffic on the motorway and you’ll never struggle to find engine parts. It is also surprisingly economic.

It’s scruffy and wanting some improvement, but it was Ziebarted when new and so the core structure is very good. It will require repairs to the front wings and the rear arches will need some attention. Repair panels are available from the club in both cases. The paint is oxidised and poor. It is a car that has been daily driven in all weathers, and looks like it.

It has an electronic distributor for ease of maintenance and runs quite nicely. There is a slight lumpiness on part throttle at low speed which feels like a fuelling issue but I haven’t had any time to investigate it. The gearbox also crunches into second if you change too quick. But overall it’s good, and I’d jump in and drive it anywhere. The tyres are not all that old and have heaps of tread.

The interior is in good condition with only a small tear to the vinyl on the driver’s seat. The interior stays dry. The heater works very well, but the screen/ floor distribution flap has to be moved by hand (not difficult, you can reach it from the driver’s seat).

This would make an excellent base for a restoration, or you could just take care of the wings and drive it everyday. The car can be viewed in Sale, not far from junction 8 of the M60. If this advert is still up, the car is still available.”

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