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1977 Land Rover 101 Forward Control Expedition Camper for sale

Jeez, this one ticks all the boxes. There are thousands of campers out there, but this Land Rover 101 stands head and shoulders above most of them!

A testament to the owner, no corners have been cut in this build. We’ll include a few quotes from the eBay listing below, but the build spec is just like a dream wish list for most of us. Incredible…

From the seller: “This 1977 Land Rover 101-FC Radio Body LHD was sourced from a collector in Poland July 2018 & soon as I laid eyes on that Tonka tough, cartoon like styling it was no doubts love at first site. The 101 nicknamed the 1 Tonny by British Troops saw active service in the Gulf War but was acquired to serve a very different mission for an NGO. The concept driving this project was to build an Overland Expedition Truck intended to work as a platform for Scuba-Diving & Photography projects developed out of remote locations in developing countries around the world with a Mission to develop awareness & support for Marine Environments & Coastal Communities.

Built on the Legendary & now rare 1977 Land Rover 101-FC Radio Body platform this Classic Overland Expedition Camper is as its history & nickname will contest to, literally ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ & being a LHD is ideal for American export…..

The conversion of a 101-FC Radio Body to a fully fledged Overland Expedition Camper threw up a unique set of challenges.
Able Engineering 101 are the go to workshop for 101’s and were contracted to carry out extensive custom engineering works installing; Hydraulic Power Steering / Custom Tuned Bilstein Shocks / Air Suspension along with a Disc Break Conversion Front & Rear. The combination of these modifications has lead to radical improvements in braking & handling under differing Payloads

Best part of £25K has been invested into the Development & Build of the Custom Pop-Top Roof which houses, solar panels, air conditioning unit & sleeping quarters, providing a dramatic vantage point for those incredible views. Custom roof was constructed using aluminium sheet bonded & riveted to an aluminium space frame in order to drastically cut weight whilst still retaining that unique Land Rover DNA Roof is powered by X 2 Heason Military Grade IP Rated Electric Actuators so your sleeping quarters can be activated by the flick of switch ”

For sale on eBay –> Click here

For sale on eBay –> Click here