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1980 Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Call me Mr Weirdo, and I’m going out on a limb here, but I’d have one of these over a MK1 Escort all day long…

From the seller: “Hi, welcome to the auction of my Triumph Dolomite Sprint, I bought the car in 2019 when it had been off the road since around 2003, I was told by the previous owner it had undergone a restoration a few years earlier than 2003 but was taken off the road for reasons unknown. So after purchasing it I gave the car a good check over, replacing brakes, brake hoses, front shock absorbers (fitted Spax adjustables), 4 new Falken tyres, clutch master and slave cylinders, fuel pump and serviced the engine. After doing all that the car started and now runs with no issues, it drives nicely, its actually quite responsive and feels more modern to drive than some similar era vehicles. The overdrive works perfectly, the brakes feel good and the exhaust sounds throaty with an after market rear silencer fitted. Obviously there’s still things that could be addressed what with it being over 40 years old such as the oil seal at the propshaft leaks, there’s rust on the doors and front wings, the vinyl roof isn’t great and there looks to be rust bubbles underneath it and the front subframe has been welded previously but still looks perfectly strong and useable. I’d describe it as a useable restoration project.”

Bidding ended – sold for £3,900

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