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From the seller: “This auction is for my 1983 Volvo 240. This has been my daily driver, parts chaser, tow car for some years now and I’m sad to have to part but other projects have come along and you can’t keep everything.

Brief history – this car is a January ’83 car but was not registered until September which is why it wears an ‘A’ plate.
It’s a 245DL on the logbook but for model year 1983 Volvo badged all 200 series models simply as ‘240’ regardless of body type or spec.
It was sold out of Hylton Gott’s Volvo dealership at Downham Market ‘PW’ was the local office’s letter code at the time. After this it appears to have had one or two owners (possibly same family), one of whom definitely liked to tow a caravan, and it was then laid up in the early 2000s with around 128K on the clock.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here