1987 Ford Capri 280 Brooklands For Sale

Interesting history, this Ford Capri 280, having been stolen and recovered in the 2003. It appears that the thieves took the interior, so this car benefits from one that was probably better than the original!

From what the owner says, it sounds like a very drivable car that an enthusiast, if they wanted, could take up a level or two, while still enjoying the benefits of driving one of the best retro Fords money can buy…

From the seller: “I Bought this car from a genuine chap in North Yorkshire without seeing it. I was told it really needs a coat of paint to make it right. It has been painted before , but not to a great standard as you can see runs in the paint here and there, when you look close enough.
If you stand back 8 ft , the car is very presentable as per the pics I have taken today. I cant park it next to my mates 280 at a classic car meet , as his is almost mint .

I thought I might be able to flatten out the paint and give it a mop up , so i have spent a day on it today , its brightened up well, but it’s not how I would of liked it to look.

My friend in the trade has told me 8-10k these days to prep and paint a car to concours standard , which is not an amount of money I wish to spend.

This needs to be purchased by someone with a paint shop or connections to getting it painted at cost.”

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