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Austin Maxi 2 HL Automatic

From the seller: “TOD945X is in superb condition both inside and out and is finished in a very pleasant Champagne Metallic with contrasting Orange ‘ish’ Velour interior (an acquired taste it has to be said). On the plus side the seats are super comfy. it’s like driving your Nan’s favorite armchair.

The E series engine starts on the button with a bit of Choke and the Automatic Transmission engages smoothly as you briskly waft down the road. No power steering or electric windows I’m afraid. Nor do you get remote central locking or any central locking for that matter. But what you do get is a heated rear window and cigarette lighter and ashtray, and did I mention the seats are super comfy. Talking of which another ace up it’s sleeve are those folding rear seats which fold in both directions so if you recline the front seats you basically end up with a double bed. Who needs a Caravan for those romantic weekends away when you’ve got a Maxi. Need I say more.

So there you have it. The good old Austin Maxi. Were they once rubbish – Yes. Will all your mates laugh at you – probably. But we cant all drive about in Ford Cortina’s now can we.

If you fancy a classic car on a reasonable budget and something a bit different then look no further than the exceptionally unexceptional Austin Maxi 2 HL Automatic. What’s the worst that can happen, If the Wife chucks you out at least you’ll have somewhere to sleep.

All joking aside this low mileage Maxi is a great usable classic in exceptional condition and is ready to be used and enjoyed for not much money.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here