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Barn Find 1985 Honda ATC 110 Trike For Sale

We love the fact that the seller actually describes this Honda ATC 110 as a “80’s Death Trap” in the listing title. Only in the world of cars, bikes and trikes could that be classed as a selling point! It must work, too, as there were plenty of bids when we looked…

From the seller: “Genuine barn find it has literally been dragged out and that’s it. It hasn’t even been cleaned still has all the dust and cobwebs attached waiting for the winner to blast them off and see how she scrubs up.

Obviously selling as a non-runner it hasn’t turned a wheel for god knows how long. Only down point is the pull start is missing. The engine isn’t seized though and you can turn it over by hand. Even though it is in the state it is in from been stood it doesn’t look like it has had a hard life, all plastics are still intact there’s no cracks and it even has the original Colin Appleyard Dealership stickers how cool and original is that. Seat cover is in good condition and so is the seat base it isn’t rotten through. Tyres are shot they need replacing. All wheels still free. Tank looks pretty good condition on the inside as well.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here