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Custom Classic VW Beetle Sofas For Sale

From the seller: “We can paint this any colour you would like included in the price!!!

We build some amazing furniture and classic beetles are very cool to create an amazing piece of furniture !

We can build you a beetle booth for your house or home office or even in your cinema room.

The great thing about bespoke building furniture for you is we will build it to your exact requirements to match your room perfectly.

We can paint it in any colour imaginable from hot pink to bright white so just tell us your favourite colour and we will make it happen !

We have even matched a mini sofa to a ladies link shoes so anything is possible !

The side lights will work with LED lights and the sofa is lovely and comfortable

We will deliver and install this amazing beetle booth in your home / office for an extra cost so please send us your postcode and we will quote for delivery too!”

For sale on eBay –> Click here