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Incredible Ford Escort Mk1 MSA Race Car For Sale

If you are a retro Ford fan, this Ford Escort Mk1 Race Car has to be every dream come true. It’s absolutely stunning and is featured in the ’10 Of The World’s Best Escorts’ book.

From the seller: “Classic Ford Magazine – Front Page Featured

MSA Logbooked for Hill Climbs and Sprints but the MSA inspector said it would pass for Rallying if it had an extra seat and harness which the car was built with this in mind.

This 1972 Ford Escort Mk1, a true work of racing artistry and engineering prowess, is available for sale to discerning collectors who value exceptional quality, unmatched performance, and the spirit of competition!”

The spec list for this car is shown on the eBay listing and is enormous. It shows how this MK1 Escort has had the best of everything.

Full spec & loads of photos on eBay –>