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Land Rover Series 2 SWB for sale

The eBay listing for this 1959 Land Rover Series 2 was one of the best reads I’ve had in ages. It was a real education. Check it out!

From the seller: “For those of you looking for a Land Rover hen’s tooth, look no further!

1959 Land Rover Series 2 with its bronze green patina, originality, and rarity; it has the rear power take off/PTO and toolbar still with the vehicle.

This was a time when Land Rover were favoured as agricultural vehicles rather than sports utility vehicles for the school runs. This has been used to pull a grass topper.

It is a series 2, not 2A, which was the shortest running production Land Rover in the line up (from 1958 to 1961).

WSK 955 Chassis number: 141903401, is a 1959 SWB. In 1959 Land Rover produced 15,621, mine came off the production line as number 3401,”

The rest of the listing is well worth a read!

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