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NCF Road Rat kit car for sale

From the seller: “Hello and welcome to my auction for a very rare and unusual car. As far as I know it’s one of only five ever made, only two of which survive. You are very unlikely to see another one. I’ve owned quite a few classics and I can honestly say that no car I’ve driven has attracted as much attention as this one has. It was built from a proper kit (costing over £2000!) in 1994 and is based on a 1984 Fiat Panda. It’s possibly the simplest car you possibly imagine – a mechanic’s dream !

However, please read this important information first: The car runs, but is temperamental so needs to be regarded as a project. Unless you live locally you would be advised to bring a trailer to collect it. It starts very well, runs fine for the first few miles and then, when you put your foot down to accelerate, it begins to cough and splutter and then dies. After it has cooled down a bit it will re-start and allow you to limp back home. I’m not sure what is causing the problem but it seems to be a fuel starvation or vaporisation issue. I’ve cleaned out the fuel tank, changed the fuel filter, checked that the fuel pump is pumping and even taken the carb apart and given it a bit of a clean. A couple of weeks ago I thought I’d solved it and managed forty miles without incident, but then I took it out the other day and it was up to its old tricks again. It’s a real shame as it’s probably something very simple, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to look into it further.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here