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Opel Manta GT/E 2.0 16V for sale

A fantastic car! You can tell when you read the eBay listing for this Manta that the owner not only loves the car, but knows it inside out! In the retro scene, it’s often nice to stand out from the crowd and this Opel is in a league of its own.

From the seller: “Hello and welcome to the sale of this Opel Manta GT/E, 16V, NON sunroof from new coupe. Ready to drive away and enjoy!

I have been kicking around Mantas and the Manta Club in various roles for around 20 years and have lost count how many I have had in that time. Basically what I am politely trying to get across is that you can buy with confidence knowing its been in the hands of two enthusiasts with 50+ years of experience between us – now onto the bit you want to know about.

The car was registered in 1985 and was from new the more desirable non sunroof (the sunroof was an option on the early GTE’s) and lived in Ireland until 1989 when it was moved over to the UK by one of the previous owners. The previous owner acquired the car in 2005 when the tasteful modifications started and thankfully he didn’t penny pinch on any aspects of the car.

It is running a 2ltr 16v engine with uprated cams and bolted on the side sounding awesome are twin 45 dellorto carbs coupled onto a full stainless steel Powerflow exhaust – on full chat this thing sounds like nothing else and it is highly addictive and puts a huge grin on your face and annoys a few modern ‘euroboxes’.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here