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1976 Volkswagen Golf Mk1 (Rabbit) for sale

From the seller: “Selling a True Classic, This Beauty Was Registered In Germany first in 1976 where it had 1 Owner, In 1992 The Car was imported into Hungary Where the Second Owner Took Over, In 2013 The Third Owner Took Ownership of it and He has done an Immaculate Job Restoring this amazing Piece Of True German Engineering

Every Small corner of This Car has been Restored, Rebuilt With Original Parts From Germany, Even the Door Seals. Therefore The Car is completely Rust and hole Free and It has Recieved a full brand new Beautiful Turquoise Blue Paintjob and Of course some Very Rare New Parts such as the Small Chrome Bumpers And The Rare Ornament Between the Tail Lights and Those Immaculate and Shiny Ronal Turbo Polished BPS wheels.

This Golf Mk1 (Rabbit) Series Started Production in 1974, This Model is a 1976 (Possibly the oldest Rabbit In the Uk so far In this Condition) and Its a Brilliant example of a True German Classic. This Car was used Only on the Weekends to Attend to Shows In Hungary (Such as the MK1 Weekend) Since It has been Restored. The last owner, since he Owned it has only done 10,000Kms and he has always kept the Car in good service and Was kept in a Garage as a hidden Gem. He built this Beauty Planning to never sell it However, He has developed a love for the Mk1 Caddys and therefore He had to get rid of this as there was only 1 space in the Garage and he Didnt have the Heart to Keep any of them outside, not even for 1 Night!”

For sale on eBay –> Click here