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Volkswagen MK1 Caddy Pickup

From the seller: “What I think needs doing:

interior carpets (although I was never going to put carpets in so personal choice, Although this does make it Noisy as there’s no sound deadening)
Dashboard could do with a refurb.
Re-spray/Touch up on paintwork (primer starting to show through on panels, scratches in areas, ding on wing, mismatch rear window area due to using a rattle can at the time. I also never saw any point doing a full respray until majority of rust areas were gone, And now I’ve decided to get a shell)
Small ding on wing
Tailgate needs straightening + small dent on lower.
Likely needs a new instrument cluster if it bothers you (Rev counter never worked, even after going through wiring diagrams, mileage no longer goes up) MPH Clock works but shaky. Also Oil pressure light is odd. When engine is up to temperature and when your NOT not accelerating it goes nuts, but when your accelerating it’s normal. I’ve been on journeys longer than 2 hours so i know it can’t be serious.
Clutch slips on high revs (clutch has been replaced as it was much worse, but still slips slightly)
Would benefit from new door cards
Cable clutch – Hydraulic would be a pleasant upgraded
Heater box removed.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here