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Adding That Extra Touch To Your Classic Car

Even before paper tax discs were discontinued in 2014, many classic car owners were aware of the replica car tax discs for sale online. To have the genuine first tax disc for your old car or motorbike would a massive bonus, but pretty rare. Many owners simply ordered a replica for shows and, to be honest, not many people can tell the difference. The public love to see them!

If you own a classic or retro car, or a motorbike, a replica tax disc is a cheap way of adding that little bit extra ‘authenticity’ to the overall appearance of your vehicle. An old vehicle with a totally clear windscreen just looks ‘odd’ to those of us of a certain age.

Who To Buy From

Replica car tax discs are readily available to order now. You can even buy software to print your own. However, it is probably better simply to order one from an established seller.

There are a number of eBay listings for replica car tax discs. Click the following link to see some of them – REPLICA TAX DISCS ON EBAY– or take a look at the listings below this article.

Take a while to choose which supplier to use, as they do vary. Check the feedback, obviously, but also how detailed the products are: some can ensure that your tax disc is stamped, hand written (as they were, in Post Offices), perforated and even ‘aged’, so that they really do look the part. It’s worth spending those few minutes, and maybe a few extra pennies, to get it right.