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Snap-on Dustpan & Brush Set for sale

It seems that when it comes to any task in the workshop, Snap-on have it covered. Look what we just spotted on eBay – a Snap-on Dustpan & Brush Set!

Many of us, probably most of us, have Snap-on tools of some description in our toolboxes; sockets and ratchets, screwdrivers, diagnostic tools, the lot. Did you know before today, though, that your life can now be complete with a Snap-on Dustpan & Brush Set?!!

With their funky screwdriver handles, these are actually pretty cool and the perfect gift for the Snap-on addict in your life…even if that addict is you.

Ideal for sweeping up the garage, or collecting that rusty old barn find you bought on eBay last night after one too many, these Snap-on Dustpan & Brush Sets are bound to be a collectible of the future. Get yours now….

Available on eBay, CLICK HERE.