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1947 Centurion BARV for sale

Finished getting ready for the zombie apocalypse yet? Maybe you need the perfect vehicle? We’ve found it on eBay!

From the seller: “The BARV was basically a Centurion body with built up sides to accommodate wading in water up to 11 feet. The design was functional yet crude with sloped armour built above the tank hull. The tracks for the BARV were reversed so they had better grip biting in reverse.

The Centurion BARV retained the gun-tank’s Rolls-Royce Meteor petrol engine.

Centurion BARVs had a crew of four; two of the crew were members of the Royal Engineers, one of whom was a qualified diver. The Centurion BARVs were built to provide the essential role for the LPD’s HMS Fearless & HMS Intrepid as part of the Beach Assault Squadrons.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here