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Peugeot 205 GTi6 Dimma Lynx Show Car for sale

We’re sure that the words ‘Max’ and ‘Power’ will spring to mind for many here, as this particular 205 has one or two modifications! That said, if you read the listing and hear what the seller is saying, this is actually a good car and could be adjusted to the new owner’s taste, once the running issues are sorted.

From the seller: “Firstly, you will hate the dash…. It was a phase and I was going to remove it and make an ally dash also so the full cage could be fitted, it’s currently only got the back half in (not bolted/welded) but obviously I have the front half to go with the sale of the car.

It’s stripped out and dynamatted on the whole floor and it still has blue carpet in really good condition.

Engine was converted from 1.9Gti to GTi6 installed with GTi 5 speed gearbox. The engine came from my 306 cab which was originally built by ecosse Motorsport. I loved the clocks it had so this is why I took the 306 dash and put it in the 205. It’s all been wired the mighty power probe, just like a kit car.

I currently have a problem… Trying to fill up with petrol it doesn’t like to take it down, it’s like it’s got an air lock and just spits the petrol back out. It will take it, it just takes a while to put it in.

Next issue, it won’t run for very long and when it turns itself off there is nothing on the key… I left it for a few weeks and then magically it just started again?!!.. 10 mins later it died again. Nothing on the key.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here