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1960’s Bond Equipe “Snetterton Special”

From the seller: “I am selling my Bond Special. There were apparently six specials made by Bond to celebrate the 16year of Bond in 1965, they are all different and based on 1930’s cars and named after UK Race Circuits

Tax and MOT exempt.

This car is the Snetterton and was registered for the road in 1968. It has a 2ltr straight 6 engine and the Early Triumph 6 gearbox and diff, all have been full restored by a trained automotive engineer. The engine has been converted to run on unleaded and has been fitted with an electronic ignition distributor (so no points or condenser to fail or adjust). The dynamo has been replaced with a Dynamator (an alternator in a dynamo case), dummy voltage regulator, the wiring is unchanged so if you wanted to go back to a dynamo all you need to do is bolt one I and fit the voltage regulator and connect the wires.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here