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1969 Ford Cortina MKII Savage for sale

From the seller: “The Ford Cortina Savage was the incarnation of racing driver Jeff Uren and produced by his own company, Race Proven Limited, who took a Ford Cortina saloon and shoehorned the Essex V6 three litre engine into the vehicle.

Jeff Uren had raced for and managed the Ford Works team before joining the Willment race team, which fielded Ford Falcons, Galaxies, Cobras, GT40s, and, most famously, the humble Cortina Mk. I. Uren was responsible for the development of the Willment Sprint GT Mk. I Cortina. The gearbox was taken from the Ford Corsair 2000E. Weber carburettor, uprated brakes, electric cooling fan, differential, dampers, additional fuel tank and exhaust were all modifications together with the dashboard, alloy wheels and badges made for this unique motor vehicle.

The first car to have the Savage treatment (by dropping in a Ford 3.0 litre Essex V6 engine and re-engineering the suspension) was the Mk. II Cortina; this then progressed to Mk. IIIs, Mk. IVs and even a one-off Mk. V Cortina.

A review in Autocar, August 1967 of the Mk. II stated it really does hitch its skirts and get moving in the open roads in a manner that will leave practically everything else standing while Motorsport Magazine stated, The outstanding feature of the Savage is how enjoyable, yet effortless, it is to drive.

First registered in February 1969, this spectacular example of the rare Cortina Savage is presented in silver with black vinyl roof and that inconspicuous bonnet scoop. ”

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