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Ford Cortina Mk3 GT 2-Door For Sale

This MK3 Ford Cortina GT will attract a lot of attention wherever it goes. With its Coke bottle styling, some would argue that the MK3 is the best shape of all the Cortinas. This one needs some work, but it sounds like all the important bits are in good nick!

From the seller: “This is a very good condition cortina that has been Zibart Rust proofed from new, it’s everywhere, up the 1/4 panels, wheel Wells, boot, engine bay etc. I’ve had it for a few years with the intention of a restow mod but its too good. Matching numbers 16oo OHC. It’s NOT a concourse car but it’s a very good one. It’s had a paint job years ago and it’s ok at best but it’s a great shell. Needs a bit of love and towing away as breaks bind.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here