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1970 Dodge W300 Power Wagon

From the seller: “Recently imported from Scandinavia, this 1970 Dodge W300 Power Wagon is in firefighting specification complete with a PTO-driven (power take off) pump at the front and a large water tank in the back. The pump is still connected by the way – with a big shut-off valve down between the front passenger’s legs – but as yet we haven’t found a proper fire hose to test it with.

This Power Wagon of course has four-wheel-drive transmission, with both high and low range gearboxes, and is powered by what we believe to be the original Chrysler-built 318 cu-in (5.2-litre) V8 engine.

The badge decals on the doors declare the truck to have belonged to the Dome Valley Fire Department. Whether there was or is such a thing isn’t clear – Dome Valley in Arizona only has a single volunteer firefighter – but the city name of Enningdalen written above is real and sits just inside the Norwegian-Swedish border between Oslo and Gothenburg.”

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