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Flower Power, Or Horse Power?

Three quarters of men will buy flowers this Valentine’s Day but for the same price as a bouquet they could treat their partner to an unforgettable blast around a race track in some of the most desirable cars on the planet. The advice comes from gift experience specialists who are urging the men of Great Britain to turn their backs on the boring and traditional and surprise their partner with a Valentine’s Day gift they might actually want (and remember)!

Indeed, figures show that men spend almost twice as much on average compared to women for Valentine’s Day, but the traditional and predictable gifts of jewellery, flowers and a night out consistently remain among the most popular items.


Dan Jones, operations manager at TrackDays, said: “It’s often said that men love their cars more than their partners but the evidence for Valentine’s Day would suggest otherwise.

“Men far outspend women on Valentines gifts, some evidence suggesting £40 compared to £24 spent by women.

“However, men seem to be stuck in a rut when buying a Valentine’s Day present. We believe the thrill of a supercar driving experience around a race circuit will live longer in the memory than the same old bunch of flowers, jewellery or dinner out.”

Among the supercars available to drive with TrackDays are models from McLaren, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Porsche and they are available to drive at over 40 circuits across the UK.

And for those couples who can’t bear to spend a second apart, then TrackDays even has a range of supercar passenger rides for two so you can spend Valentine’s Day together at 100mph, including at the world-famous Rockingham race track.

Dan added: “Our evidence also shows that more women than men book driving experiences for their partners with TrackDays over the year, so Valentine’s Day is also a chance for men to turn the tables and buy a gift with some imagination.”


To book your Valentine’s Day experience with TrackDays, visit

Cost ‘Traditional’ Gift TrackDays alternative
£30-£40 Roses, Teddy Bear and Chocolates Mustang 350 Blast – 3 laps
£40-£50 Personalised Prosecco and Chocolates Gift Set Supercar Choice – 3 laps
£50-£60 Personalised Heart Shaped Postcode Jigsaw Double Supercar Blast – 3 miles in each
£60-£70 Romantic Red Rose Vase with flowers Introduction to drifting
£70-£80 Red Rose Valentines Bouquet Supercar Treble Taster Offer – 9 miles
£80-£90 Personalised Secret Heart Necklace Formula F1000 Thrill – 10 laps
£90-£100 Personalised Entwined Hearts Necklace Performance Car Treble – over 25 miles