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1970 Ford Capri MK1 3000GT Pre-Facelift

It’s hard to believe that the Ford Capri MK1 is well over 50-years old now. This 1970 example is even older than me, but far better looking!

From the seller: “This is my Mk1 Ford Capri 1970 pre facelift.

I imported the car from South Africa July 2021. It sat on my drive for a little while , then went into my workshop where it sat up until a couple of weeks ago. I bought it as a running vehicle, and it does run, sounds lovely goes into gear and drives backwards and forwards. It will need recommissioning mechanically. There is no handbrake cable but handbrake in place. The rear brakes will need doing, probably drums and brakes , cables etc. front brakes too. Bushes. Gear linkages will be needed, as whilst it goes into all gears, you wouldn’t have fun driving it like it is. There will be an element of wiring work. there’s an aftermarket ignition with no key so a new barrel and steering wheel surround will be needed as well as an indicator stalk (which I have).

I cleaned the vehicle today with the waterless wash and wax, and from the pics it looks pretty decent. Some of the paint work has faded, but can be polished out. Typical of all red cars. There are a few digs and a few small chips. The paintwork is ok, but long term needs addressing. A machine polish would improve it no end.

The chassis is pretty solid, there’s no real bad rust to speak of all inner wings are solid. Body under sealed. I have a few more pictures of the underneath including the chassis rails. All good. Cills all good. Doors all good the pic the bonnet is slightly open but does close, but will need some minor adjustment.”

There is a LOT more information in the eBay listing!

Full spec on eBay –>