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1972 Ford Granada MK1 3.0 GXL Manual

A great 70’s cruiser that sounds like it could be fairly described as a ‘rolling restoration’. Mk1 Granadas are sought after and not too many of them still exist. Those that didn’t find their way to a scrapyard tended to end up on a banger racing track!

From the seller: “There is a slight blow from one of the joints in the exhaust but it doesn’t have any holes. Wheels could do with re painting as was painted by myself badly to try and match the car more. Dash had no cracks in it but could to with minor re fabrication above glove box area and door cards could do with tidying up. Rear view mirror has a clip fitting missing that can probably be found on eBay that just needs fitting back into roof lining buy someone who can do interior fitting for cars.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here