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From the seller: “The car is unique in that it was originally a Police Car and when it was rebuilt put back into that specification so there are holes where the Police equipment has been refitted and zips in the headlining.

It has not been used for a long while and will require a full service as there is a misfire so I recommend that if you are not local you trailer the car.

The bodywork is excellent benefiting from either Nos parts or excellent used non rusty parts.
After being restored it had all the underside wax oiled and a cavity wax applied to inside the sills and doors.since then never used on wet or salted roads only summer use.
Suspension was rebuilt using super flex bushes and new shock absorbers springs and steering rack.
Engine was rebuilt with new cam valves and timing chain.

Rear near side door needs attention as it locked itself when I wound the window down!
Clock does not work replacement provided
Voltmeter intermittent
Speedo works but may need rebuilding as it makes a ticking noise I have a replacement
Front bumper as mentioned above has holes for sign can provide good used replacement.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here