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1984 Ford Granada 2.8i Ghia X Auto

From the seller: “Up for grabs is this 1984 Granada 2.8i ghia x. Bought this off eBay end of July as wanted something to run about in for the end of summer. Unfortunately this hasn’t panned out and now I just want rid of it. It’s mot’d till 12th of jan next year, it runs, drives and stops however it has some issues that I just don’t have the time to get sorted hence the sale.

I’ll list the good bits first! It appears solid underneath, it’s had plenty of welding done but looks ok. It’s had a new pass side rear quarter fitted. Not a bad job but not perfect. Engine runs ok looks clean in the rocker boxes. It’s a top spec ghia i x so has all the extras you could imagine!

Bad bits! Bodywork is rough as a badgers arse! Drivers doors are bubbling at the bottom, driver side rear arch is made of filler, bonnet leading edge is almost rusted through, wings have had shocking repairs on the tops, roof is badly filled around sunroof, front panel is tatty, behind headlights is crispy, lower rear panel is separating from the boot floor. Paintwork isnt great. Interior wise the front door cards are hanging, top half of back seat is different to the base, dash top is cracked and it generally needs a good clean. The biggest issue with the thing is the electrics. It’s got some serious electrical problems. It’s got a drain on the battery that will flatten it overnight. I had a guy look at it who disconnected a load of someone’s bad wiring out of the thing that made a it better but hasn’t cured it. Internally sod all works electrically. Drivers side window will go down but needs help going back up. Gauges work, lights work, heater fan works, wipers work on one speed sometimes. Drivers seat moves back and forth. Nothing else works. Has also developed a starting fault. Dash lights come on but nothing happens on turning the key. If you jiggle the wires about in the drivers footwell you can coax it into life.

I’ve driven it about 20 miles since buying it. It’s been a miserable experience and with all the electrical issues it’s not reliable enough to use as I want to. I’m already into it for a small fortune, I don’t have the time to get it sorted out and don’t want to throw any more cash at it.”

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