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332BHP 1991 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R for sale

From the seller: “Nissan Pulsar GTI-R. PROVEN 332 bhp/318 lbs ft. Is a real pocket rocket and joy to drive. Modern cars just don’t compare, hence the rising prices.

I’ve owned it since 2014 and had a tonne of work done by Whifblitz and more recently Bob at GTIR-US (have a stack of receipts going back many years) and really gutted to give it up to be honest.

Has a long spec list with some rare parts. See this link on the GTIR Registry website for car history and more details:

110K miles. Recently MOT’d. Sills were replaced (see link above for actual pics and not just claimed repairs!) and arches checked from inside – all clean and good. No cracks in dash, original steering wheel, & have original umbrella which I can add in for extra cost. Brief(!) spec list:

Polished crank

86mm CP forged pistons

Cosworth 1.5 mm hg

ARP con-rod bolts

ACL race bearings

Mine’s ecu

Turbo Technics stage 1 Garrett hybrid turbo set at max’ 1.2 bar

Uprated turbo elbow (from Bogdan)

Exedy stage 1 clutch kit

Tein coilovers

Hi-Spec front big brake kit

Nismo front strut brace, Cusco rear brace

Whiteline anti-roll bars – front and rear

Nissan rally NME spec billet gear selector bush

Rare and now discontinued GTIR Crazy Hornet bonnet vent and canards

Clifford alarm

…and much, much more! (see link above)

Bad bits – HENCE THE PRICE (otherwise car is worth a lot more):

1. Tapping noise (NOT knocking) from cylinder one. Bob at GTIR-US inspected and reckons could be the circlip in the piston coming loose or the small end bearing causing the piston to move horizontally slightly, but either way will require opening the head and sump, pulling out the piston and checking. Piston itself is a forged CP unit, so is fine and the replacement parts are cheap, so most of the costs is in the labour. Not an engine out job though, so that’s a positive. If you can do it yourself, you’ll save on the repair costs. This being said, I don’t recommend the car be driven away, only at low revs and off-boost at your own prerogative.

2. Body can do with a detail

3. Wheels need refurb”

For sale on eBay –> Click here