Accident Damaged Nissan Skyline R33 GTST with 600bhp Forged Engine For Sale

Ouch! This Skyline looks like it may have performed one drift too many. The car is a Cat B Write-Off, so it will never go back on the road, but the good news is that the parts can be re-used in other cars. So, if you have a Nissan Skyline, or plan on building a performance car, this listing may well be worth a look at.

From the seller: “Car has just come back from the insurance not touched it at all, not 100% what’s Salvageable and what’s not, so will be sold as seen,
mods list below

G4+ link ecu and boost solenoid
6 boost manifold
Garratt Turbo
Turbo smart waste gate
Rb build billet intake
1000cc bosh injectors
86.5 CP pistons
Manley rods
1.5 m cozworth head gasket
N1 oil pump/ water pump
Acl race bearings
ARP head bolts
Uprated rb cas angle kit
Rb built fuel pressure regulator
7twenty arms 7twenty wheels
BC coilovers
2 way Kaaz diff
Black edition drift works hicas kit
Stage 4 6 plate Paddle clutch
Lighten flywheel
Vibtec engine mounts
Hks turbo timer
Kodo steering wheel
Bride seats
GK tech fan
New crackshalft
Spite fire coils”

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