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Nissan Skyline R33 GTST time attack car / road car

Doesn’t look like one for the shy and retiring types…

From the seller: “This skyline was taken off the road back in November 2008 at 65,000 when a road car and then the owner spent 3 years rebuilding it including fully forging the engine New os giken straight cut dog box and 2 way diff and all parts listed below into a sub 9 sec 1/4 mile time attack machine . It is mapped to 620bhp on 102ron It was run in a coupleTime Attack events form 2010 through to 2012 in the RWD class with great success and no problems . and then not used and only covered just short of 2,000 miles since it was built.. It had been sitting in a garage due to ill health although the engine was started on a regular basis. Until I bought her and now brought her back to life .

Since my ownership .  Fully stripped and painted in Kawasaki green and raptored underneath. ( Professionally strenthend and Uprated gp4 Strut tops and Tubbed rear arches .all completed wyn load fabrication north wales ..) at the end of 2020..     Lexan polycarbonate rear window and quarters. It did have (front frp doors and lexen polycarbonate glass but I’ve replaced them for standard for my safety .) So normal doors and glass fitted as didn’t feel safe with frp doors as a road car . 
New screen. 
Fiberglass vented bonnet , boot , wings , side skirts and full gtr rear over fenders bonded on with 3m panel bond adhesive 08115 then fiberglassed and filled to a seamless finish. 
Tein supersport coilover suspension.
 Whiteline adjustable super sport anti roll bars front and rear. 
Fully rose jointed . 
Driftworks front adjustable bottom arms . Driftworks adjustable tension arms . 
Driftworks Rear subframe alloy locking kit . 
Hicas delete .
Cusco type rs 2 way lsd New 2021.
Omex rev limiter with launch controll new 2021. Omex sequential shift light now 2021.
Hks type high power exhaust system 2021
And more…..”

For sale on eBay –> Click here