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Datsun Cherry X-1R

From the seller: “Cherry X-1R. Let’s start by saying this is a very rare car. Only one in Europe to this spec.

Started life as a UK Datsun 120A coupe. There are only 5 cars in the UK in standard 120a spec. Only mine and another actually not needing restoration. I decided to build Japanese home market only Cherry X-1R. Finding all these parts to do this and took over 6 years.

Cherry X-1R differences to 120A, body wise, Front grille, indicators, wing mirrors, overfenders, rear lights, badging. Interior, same apart from Steering wheel and gearknob and glove box lid had Cherry instead of Datsun. Abit anal I know but wanted it to be correct. X-1R and 120A even share the same Kpe10 chassis codes. Engine wise, Cherry X-1R, Oval port head, double valve springs, higher lift cam, twin Hitachis carburettors. I fitted a rare Janspeed exhaust manifold and a 1.75″ straight through exhaust to a Cherry bomb backbox. Sounds very meaty.

Standard X-1Rs were 80hp, I’d guess this is slightly more as slightly bigger valves and the additional Janspeed manifold. I’d say between 90 to 100hp. Might not sound amazing figures but only weighs 650kg. And in the 70s for a car with 1200cc was amazing compared to European equivalents. ”

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