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Ford Cortina Mk2 GT Lotus Tribute

The Ford Cortina MK2 is a great looking car and the current owner of this one has started on a journey of tasteful improvements with this one. Maybe you could take over now?

From the seller: “This is a Ford Cortina GT, 2 door. It has been painted to look like a Lotus Cortina. The engine and gearbox have been replaced with a Pinto 2.0 and Type 9 gearbox.

I bought the car after looking for a year or so for a solid GT to paint to look like a Lotus Cortina. My intention was always to fit a Zetec (maybe a Duratec) engine and type 9 gearbox. I found this car and bought it on the spot. My intention was still to do an engine conversion. But whoever did the original engine conversion did such a good job that further major work, let alone an engine swap, would be plain daft. As you can see the car has twin Weber 45 DCOEs, and a nice custon stainless exhaust.

I put the car on a dyno to do a power run and was a little dissappointed that it only reached 108bhp. The engineer suggested that even with completely stock internals it would likely see 120bhp with some careful tuning. My intention was to put the car into my local regular race team’s workshop and have a new cam and stage 3 head fitted over winter. This I’m told would likely make over 160bhp.

The only other thing that needs attention on the car is the steering. It’s an old steering box and has slightly too much play at straight ahead. It’s not a problem to drive, and feels nicely “period”. It may be possible to adjust the current set up, worst case scenario is some new parts. Rack and Pinion conversions are available from RetroFord.

It’s a really lovely car and great fun to drive. You cannot fill it up with petrol without someone wanting to talk about it. This is a very very reluctant sale, forced upon me by redundancy.”

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