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Ford Escort Mk2 Group 4 spec Ari Vatanen tribute car

A great looking car that is ready to show or, if you’re feeling brave, why not compete in it?

From the seller: “the shell is completely Group 4 spec, seam welded, large tunnels, large turrets, watts 6 link rear all rose jointed, coil overs, bolt in roll cage skid plated sills strengthened, etc.
power plant is a rebuilt Vauxhall 2.0xe motor (great oil pressure as you would expect from a rebuilt motor with new oil pump water pump, re-bored +50 arp shells mains bolts etc). running twin 45 Webers, and a sbd motorsport ecu management system cam belt pulleys etc replaced as old in 2019.
The gearing is on the high side (2.8i axle rebuilt lsd type9 5 speed box 15″wheels) as was only built to show drive on the road etc and in hindsight i should of replaced the rose joints with something a little more conservative (nylon ones) for road use as although it was built to group 4 spec shell it wasn’t really my intention to ever rally it but to drive it as a road car, Having said that the thoughts were there that if anyone wanted to rally it a few alterations and she’s ready to go the shell is the most expensive build in a rally car and the power plant obviously.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here